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Hedge Trimming Glasgow


Well-trimmed hedges are an asset to any garden so trust your hedge trimming to the professional who really know their stuff. Preferred hedges in Clydebank are green and hardy enough to withstand the Scottish weather

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The 5 most popular hedging types in the Bearsden and Knightswood area of North Glasgow

  • The privet hedge. This is the most rapidly growing of all hedge species and for this reason, is very popular with householders. The privet offers a thick cover and is ideal for muffling traffic and street sounds. Hedge maintenance is essential or the privet can run amok and ruin the look of an otherwise well-kept garden.
  • Laurel hedging. This attractive hedge is very popular in the leafy suburbs of Milngavie and Bearsden.
  • Box hedges. This species of evergreen hedging lends itself very well to topiary and geometrical shapes.
  • For a little colour, the barberry hedge is hardy and enjoys the North Glasgow climate. Many homes and commercial premises across Bishopbriggs enhance their frontage the barberry. With yellow flowers in spring and lovely little berry offerings in autumn, it is essential that Hedge Maintenance is carried out at the right time of year.

Customer Reviews

derek quinn
derek quinn
Excellent service at very reasonable prices after looking at other services for quotes. Thorough job completed on time and all waste removed, which wasn’t easy. I’d certainly recommend this business.
Hilary McDonald
Hilary McDonald

High-Quality Hedge Maintenance

To maintain your hedge in pristine condition Hedge Trimming Glasgow professionals are a must. Many gardens are spoiled by inexpertly carried out hedge maintenance.Clyde Tree Surgeons offers second-to-none Hedge Trimming Glasgow service covering Bearsden, Milngavie, Clydebank and Bishopbriggs areas.

Clyde Tree Surgeons offer our clients a complete Hedge Maintenance service from the onset. We are happy to offer advice on:

  • The best type of hedging to plant
  • Defining the primary purpose of the hedge. For example:
    • Functional boundary
    • To encourage specific types of wildlife
    • To act as a windbreak/noise muffler
    •  Decorative
    •  Quirk
  • Hedge Trimming schedule and maintenance plan to keep the hedge looking its best

Hedge Removal Glasgow

Clyde Tree Surgeons also offers a complete Hedge Removal service of any hedge species.

Hedge removal work would first be assessed before any quote is given. As with all Clyde Tree Surgeons work, our quote covers the whole of the job with no additional charges and for Hedge Removal Glasgow Milngavieand Knightswood, covers the entire work, including the hire of all machinery used and the clean and safe removal and disposal of the hedge.

Hedge removalcan be an onerous task and not one we would recommend amateurs undertake. Here are the steps on howHedge Removal Glasgow should be carried out:

  • Homework first: check the foundations of your hedge do not encroach on cabling or drains
  • If there are infrastructural concerns below the hedge then the use of machinery is limited and you will require to cut the hedge branches down to the stumps before removing the roots by hand. To do this you will require a good spade, a crowbar and a whole lot of physical strength!
  • If there are no impediments beneath the hedge then you could hire a mini-digger to take the hedge away and a stump grinder to haul out the roots although be aware that the weight of the machine on garden soil can cause problems when replanting
  • REMEMBER: take care of your health and safety and equip yourself with good quality personal protection equipment such as safety goggles, safety work-boots, long-sleeved shirt and long trousers when working on hedge removal.

Alternatively, you could sit back and relax and let Clyde Tree Surgeons take care of your Hedge Removal for you. After all, it’s what we do.

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