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Do you need a professional arborist?

Clyde Tree Surgeons has a team of professional arborists in Glasgow. We have a team of experienced and qualified specialists who can help with all your tree care needs.

Our team can help you with everything from tree pruning and trimming to tree removal and stump grinding. We also offer a wide range of other services, including hedge trimming, forestry management, and more. So whatever your tree care needs may be, we can help.

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Proud to be Your Local Qualified Arborists

Our reputation as Arborists in Glasgow has been built on many years of hard work. We started small with a handful of local people who saw examples of our work and were willing to place their trust in us as their tree specialist of choice in Glasgow.

Now we are pleased and proud of our burgeoning portfolio. We have many contract clients, some have been with us since the beginning, who choose us as their tree care specialists.

Customer Reviews

Daniel Lander
Daniel Lander
Fraser did a great job. Very quick with no fuss and no mess left behind.
Elspeth Ramsay
Elspeth Ramsay
Fraser did a very professional and excellent work on my trees and shrubbery. He left the place very tidy and I would thoroughly recommend him.
derek quinn
derek quinn
Excellent service at very reasonable prices after looking at other services for quotes. Thorough job completed on time and all waste removed, which wasn’t easy. I’d certainly recommend this business.
Hilary McDonald
Hilary McDonald

What is Arboriculture?

Arboriculture is the scientific study of:

  • Trees and how they grow
  • How trees respond to the environment around them
  • Techniques, current and historical, used to maintain trees
  • Selecting which trees to plant/transplant
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Pest control
  • Safe spraying
  • Inspecting for protected and sensitive species
  • Cabling, bracing and securing
  • Tree removal, trimming and pruning

How Hiring an Arborist in Glasgow Can Help You?

Hiring an arborist can help you in a number of ways. An arborist can help you maintain the health and beauty of your trees, keep your property looking its best, and even save you money in the long run. Arborists are experts in tree care, and they can offer you advice on how to best care for your trees – from pruning and trimming to fertilizing and watering. They can also identify problems early on and provide solutions before they become bigger issues. Having a professional arborist on your team is a wise investment for any homeowner with trees on their property.

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Tree Doctor for Pruning in Glasgow

Arborists and tree care specialists will prune trees for the purpose of removing diseased or dead limbs. Pruning is always carried out for health and safety reasons and has nothing to do with enhancing the look of the tree.

It can be common for people to use trim and prune as exchangeable terms but basically, if your tree is looking a bit over-bushy and out-of-shape it needs a trim but if it has loose, broken or diseased limbs it requires pruning. Don’t worry – Clyde Tree Surgeons experienced Arborists will quickly understand what your tree needs when they deliver your no-obligation quote!

Tree Trimming Specialists in Glasgow

When a professional arborist trims a tree it is to enhance the beauty of the tree. The type of trimming a tree requires will depend upon the species, the condition, location, how long and other considerations. Generally speaking, classic trimming styles used by Arborists in Glasgow include:

  • Crown reduction
  • Shaping
  • Canopy clearing
  • Thinning out

The reason for trimming a tree is to help it move into perfect growth and this is done by taking away unruly greenery which may be starving the tree of light space.

Tree Removal Experts in Glasgow

When a tree’s natural lifespan is over and it has to be removed, choose Clyde Tree Surgeons’ arborists to take the tree away safely. Trying to remove a tree by yourself can cause all kinds of problems at the worse severe injury to yourself, your helpers or passers-by and at best damage to your home, (which your home insurance may not cover you for). It really is not worth the risk.

Put your tree care needs in the safe hands of our tree care specialists. Call us today on 0141 483 7474 for an on-site quotation.

What we provide for our customers:

  • An initial home visit at a time and date to suit you
  • Free expert advice on the work you are looking for
  • We provide a quotation and agree a time and date for the work
  • Risk assessments can be supplied for commercial customers
  • Work is carried out to keep people and property safe
  • We clean up fully with chipping and removal provided
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