Ecological Surveys & Bat Surveys Glasgow

Trees which may be home to a protected or sensitive species must be subjected to an Ecological Surveys & Bat Surveys Glasgow prior to any tree surgery. Trees in North Glasgow which may be in a dangerous state require removing immediately. This is also the case if trees are to be felled during nesting season.

Similarly, trees to be felled which are suspected of housing a colony of bats then a Bat Survey must be carried out before any work can be started.

Ecological Surveys & Bat Surveys Glasgoware required in the suburbs of north Glasgow including:

  • Bearsden
  • Milngavie
  • Knightswood
  • Clydebank
  • Bishopbriggs
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    Bat Survey Scotland

    We specialise in Ecological and Bat Surveys in Glasgow across all sectors including domestic, commercial, plantations and construction. The areas covered are Bearsden, Milngavie, Clydebank, Knightswood and Bishopbriggs.

    We fully adhere to current bat survey guidelines and employ Good Practice at all times.

    Customer Reviews

    Good Service

    Came to quote and discuss the work within a day of calling. The work was done soon after. Good price. Pleasant guys. Happy to recommend
    - Felix Thomson, Bearsden

    Happy Customer

    I needed some trees making safe as quickly as possible. After a storm some trees looked like they could fall on the garage. Two were removed and another pruned to reduce wind loading. All carried out professionally and cleaned up afterward.
    - Adam Cole


    We had had people suggesting some very heavy pruning and spraying of hedges and overgrowth in our garden. Fraser suggested taking less off so as not to risk killing the hedges and advised against the spraying as we have 2 dogs. He even strimmed and cleaned up the overgrown area as an alternative.
    - Jill Wainwright, Knightswood

    How do I know I have bats?

    Glasgow Bat Surveys are an invaluable way to gain information on whether your tree, home or building has bats in residence. If you are not sure whether you have resident bats here are some signs to help you out.

    • Roosting holes (not always visible, usually high off the ground and covered with greenery especially in summer)
    • Droppings
    • Bat noises (chirruping)

    Almost 100% of bats in Scotland choose to tree roost rather than in buildings.

    NOTE: All bat colonies, whether tree roosts or in buildings are protected. Destroying, disturbing or illegally moving a colony, or evidence of a colony is a criminal offence. Lack of knowledge of the presence of bats is not an acceptable defence – unless a bat survey has been undertaken.

    Bat Survey Season

    Ecological Surveys & Bat Surveys Glasgow can be undertaken at any time of year. The mating season of the bat is spring when the colonies are likely to be busier with movement. Within a short 6-weeks, the young bats (pups) will be on their way to self-sufficiency

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    In addition to bat surveys,we can also help you with awildlife survey. A wildlife survey can be required before:

    • Building work such as extensions and loft conversions
    • Pond excavations

    If your plot is in a rural or plantation setting a wildlife assessment could be carried out at the same time as other requirements such as tree surgery work, tree inspection or bat survey to save you time and money.

    NOTE: our wildlife survey fully complies with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

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    We will call you back in-case we are stuck up a tree somewhere!

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